Maintenance and Warranty

The maintenance of cultured marble (artificial stone) products

Bathroom worktops (countertops with integrated washbasins), worktops under washbasins and other cultured marble products are designed solely for bathroom and washroom space.

To clean the surface of cultured marble products a smooth cleaning cloth moistened in a detergent solution is sufficient. It is generally recommended to use for washing and cleaning by:

Following substances are not recommended to be used for cleaning surfaces of cultured marble:

It is also not recommended to use:

However, if hair dyes or nail polishes come into contact with surface of any cultured marble product, possible damage of the surface glaze stained with hair dye or nail polish can be prevented by immediate, thorough washing with a detergent solution (dishwashing liquid as a solution of clean water)..

Composition and properties of cultured marble

The cultured marble is an artificial stone. The products are cast into prepared molds from a mixture of natural limestone and polyester resin. The glossy, surface layer with required color or granite pattern is formed by a coating of synthetic glaze. After the product is removed from the molds at room temperature the products mature to required properties while they are finalized by manual treatments.

The cultured marble has excellent mechanical and physical properties to be used in bathrooms and washrooms. It absorbs neither water nor moisture, it is resistant to temperature changes, sunlight and household detergents intended for maintenance of sanitary facilities. The surface of washbasins is very smooth with thermal conductivity that holds the product at room temperature in the bathroom and its smooth surface does not feel cold to human touch.

"First aid" for mechanical damage of cultured marble product

Mechanically damaged cultured marble products (usually torn edges or corners of washbasins or worktops) can also be thoroughly repaired by the customer at home, so that the damaged area is hardly to be recognized after repair. The customers can handle simple repairs themselves with a repair kit - here. We perform more demanding repairs in our factory, after the repair procedure has been consulted with our customer.


The company Mramorový efekt s.r.o. provides a 5-year warranty on cultured marble products. Other components are covered by a 2-year warranty.



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