Terms and Conditions

Order requirements

Individual purchase contracts are concluded on the basis of electronic orders of the buyer - customer. The order must contain following details, specifically the customer identification data:

Order verification

Based on received order, we verify the feasibility of the order and confirm to the customer the type and technical parameters of the product, the calculated prices and quantity of products that we commit to deliver to the customer. After verification the order is considered as binding by both parties.

Delivery of the order

The manufacturer and the customer have agreed on the methods of delivery of the order listed below. The conditions for delivery within the agreed terms are as follows:

The order is shipped according to the transport and warehouse disposal of the manufacturer:

  1. To the delivery address with prepayment transferred in advance to the manufacturer bank account

The goods is shipped by the transport company to the customer's address. The transport company delivers consignments on working days within 24 hours from the moment of dispatch, when the customer is contacted by telephone or email and the goods is handed over in accordance with the standard procedure of respective transport company.

B.  To the delivery address with the total payment not processed

The order is delivered under the same conditions as with total payment but an individual method of payment has been agreed with the customer. (e.g. the total payment of the entire order is made by bank transfer in advance). The invoice is issued to the customer as a basis for total payment of the order, paid in advance.

The manufacturer commits to send the order to the customer's address immediately on the same day the amount has been credited to his bank account. Any time delay in the delivery of goods is agreed with the customer. The customer commits to take over the ordered goods from a third party, the transport company.

C.  Personal pick-up of the goods at the factory after payment the total balance in advance to the bank account of the manufacturer

The customer commits to take over the order at the seller's factory (Frýdštejn 145, district Jablonec nad Nisou). The customer is invited for pick up the order by phone or email by the manufacturer, the seller, to take over the order according to the data on the order, no later than one working day from the fulfillment of the above conditions for the delivery of the order.

The amount of transport costs

The amount of freight for each individual order is requested by the manufacturer at the transport companies. Based on the technical parameters of the order the manufacturer reserves the right to change the calculated price for freight by mutual agreement with the customer.

Payment method

The Proforma invoice for prepayment in advance is issued to the customer for custom-made orders. After the Proforma invoice amount has been transferrred to the manufacturer's bank account the production starts working on the order. Before the order is completed the invoice for total payment is issued to the customer, reduced by the prepayment already transferred to the manufacturers bank account. The total payment invoice is due by bank transfer before personal pick up or the order by the customer or shipping the order by the transport company to the customer's address is performed.

Other payment methods depend on the agreement between the manufacturer and the customer at order verification.

The Contract cancellation

In accordance with Act No. 367/2000, the buyer has the right to stand back from the Purchase Contract within 14 days without giving a reason (according to Czech Code of Law, only the private persons are included, not companies). The direct cost of returning the goods is borne by the customer. After the Purchase contract cancellation and complete return of goods by the customer, the seller is obliged to return to the customer the amount paid for the returned goods without delay. When returning the goods, the customer is not entitled to transport costs reimbursement. The amount will be returned to the customer within 30 days on the basis of a cover letter, which the customer will send together with the returned goods by e-mail or together with the goods in the package.

Return of goods to the manufacturer CANNOT be done by cash on delivery. Goods returned in this way will NOT be accepted by the manufacturer. Likewise, it is not possible to return goods that have been obviously worn out by use or have been custom-made, manufactured on customer individual request.


The seller provides a warranty period of 5 years for cast marble products. Other products are covered by a 2-year warranty.

The warranty covers material defects or workmanship of the product and is applied only if the product has been handled in accordance with the Instructions for installation, use and maintenance of cast marble products since the product had been received by the customer.

In the case of personal pick up of goods at manufacturers place, the responsibility for the product condition passes from the seller to the customer at the time of product reception. In the same way, the right to claim goods damaged by transport is accepted only in case of goods reception from the carrier, when the customer with the transport company driver filles in the Complaint Protocol for goods damaged by transport. Without a filled in and signed Complaint Protocol the customer has not right for acceptance of Complaint compensation.

Protection of personal data

If the buyer is a private person, not a company, he or she enters this information during registration:

If the buyer is a company, it submits more details at registration as follows: company ID, VAT ID, business name of the company.

This information is necessary for the identification of the buyer and possible communication and allows to perform the necessary accounting operations, prepare a tax document required by both parties and identify the customer's payment made by bank transfer.

Before placing the order, the customer gives his consent to the company Mramorový efekt sro, with its registered office at Londýnská 218/10, 460 01 Liberec, IČ: 28730607, the company is registered in the Commercial Register kept at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, section C, file number 29143. within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”) processed the following personal customer data: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address and descriptive number.

The customername, family name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address and descriptive number will be processed only for issuing invoices for the ordered goods. These data will be processed and stored by the administrator only for the time strictly necessary for the issue of the invoice, after that they will be deleted immediately. The information obtained will not be stored in any database and will not be provided to third parties. The information obtained will not be intended for advertising purposes, such as sending offers and leaflets.

The customer declares that before completing the order he has read the above business conditions and accepts these conditions.

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